Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July work and celebration


Happy Fourth from Gratiot House Farm in Shullsburg,  WI!




Chris and Duncan take part in the Shullsburg Fourth of July parade, second year for both.


Linseed oil based paint restoration in process

installation of the framework around our exposed stonewall in kitchen-  the amazing ghost of the old staircase presents itself!  too bad my savvy computer doesn't always save the rotated image (...Papa Ron will have to tilt his head)


June Happenings...

an office is born!  Jay contemplating shelving

cribbed pine boards drying in the west side of the will all be planed down once it is dry enough to use for construction

an army of window frames awaiting sanding and glazing and painting and installation!

Jay and Chris building out the office and defying gravity in the process.

Luscious lavender blooms from the garden!

Trim on the door that will be the go between from our house to the "guest house" or Bed and Breakfast quarters..commonly known by someone as the museum.

We try to keep our workers entertained and happy.  The entertaining is the easy part:)

Wood finish applied to the kitchen island.

My office built in desk

Built in book shelves

...plant shelves most likely

note the archway to the basement, no more bumped head for those over 5'5:)

STORAGE, the broom closet next to kitchen..better than Christmas!

an angular view of the rustic door to the "broom closet"