Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Painting Rotisserie and Farm to table dinner

The ingenius painting rotisserie, patent pending, via Jay Berendes.

Duncan's fort, so named, Fort Gratiot, circa 2013.

East kitchen door curing like a sausage.

Farm to table dinner with Papa Ron.  Daisy always sits at the table with us.  The chickens have learned they are not as welcome to sit at the table. 

Curing windows, first coat of white paint. 

Window installed, unfinished.

The front door is painted and hung!  We still need a doorknob for the outside.  1840's lock box installed and working well! 

The Gratiot Suite bathroom, unfinished. 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer fun...linseed oil painting in progress

Front door jam painted classic white




Kosher crock dills!  It's the year of the pickle here!! 

Painting the east door threshold Houghton Brown.

First "mock up" of a real live window.  Just the wooden frames..no glass or paint yet. 

The garlic harvest curing upstairs.
 The front door curing, oil absorbing into the wood.


We received this homey little sign as a wedding gift, how foretelling it is! 




First shitake fruiting!! 





Duncan keeps busy with his own painting projects.



Just love this "farm scene"!  Chris oiling the virgin wood, chickens scratching around and Daisy (dog) sun bathing while the corn frames it all in. 

 This is the official sponsor of this restoration.  This is the brand of linseed oil paint we are using for all of our woodwork, inside and out.  Made in Sweden.  Let's hope it works!  

Bat Kitty!


Die Sauerkraut smasher!!